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The RGS system featured at the eHealthNews.EU Portal

The eHealthNews.EU, the first European eHealth News portal, released a special article on RGS on Wednesday 2nd of June (see image below).

The eHealthNews.EU Portal is the leading eHealth news web based platform with core competence and innovative strength in advancing the European eHealth Industrial and Research sectors, promoting awareness of the latest trends, achievements and technology in the field. 

The news can be accessed in the following link:, includes a brief description of the RGS system but also, and most important, a video of the RGS @Home trials, a 40 stroke patients study that was conducted 2013 and published under the title “At Home Motor Rehabilitation in the Chronic Phase of Stroke Using the Rehabilitation Gaming System” in the book “Converging Clinical and Engineering Research on Neurorehabilitation, Biosystems & Biorobotics”.  Link to the article

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