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The RGS System is presented at the Second Kinect Inspiration and Networking Meeting organized by Microsoft

The RGS project was invited to participate at the Second Kinect Inspiration and Networking Meeting organized by Microsoft Spain and held in Madrid on Thursday 22nd of November. The event aimed to showcase the latest developments of more than 15 projects using the Kinect device as a key element of its functionality, in areas related to the education, art, marketing and health. Is within this last area where RGS could present its operating features, latest results in chronic patients and its current and future potential rehabilitation applications.

Kinect Inspiration Meeting Participants

The participants of Kinect, the Networking Meeting organized by Microsoft.  Armin Duff and Carme Buisan from the SPECS group were the representatives for RGS

The RGS system is an innovative example of the current trends in Tele-Health technology.  RGS improves the quality of life of patients, facilitating faster recovery of function by actively engaging the patients in a science based neurorehabilitation approach. The system also allows patients, once out of the hospital, to complete and personalize their training program at home. RGS also facilitates the work of clinicians and therapists when dealing with patients providing automated diagnostics and monitoring and guided training, leading to a more efficient use of the available health resources and thus a reduction in costs, such as transportation, or other related support and care services or time dedicated to get to the health centre. 

A video with a special dedication to RGS (minute 2:46) can be seen here Kinect Effect II.

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