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RGS is showcased to the European Project CASA

On November 14th, the SPECS team together with the RGS project partner Fundació TIC Salut  hosted a group of 50 ICT experts and delegates from different European countries within the European project CASA 'Regions for Smart Living' (  to introduce the RGS System.

The CASA project deals with the development of regional policy and exchange of knowledge around the up scaling of innovative ICT and services for independent living.

The agenda for the day included presentations by Professor Paul Verschure, Director of SPECS, Dra. Esther Duarte, Head for the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Department at Hospital de la Esperança from Barcelona and Carme Buisan responsible for SPECS’s project management office.

The Rehabilitation Gaming System was demonstrated to the visitors that could tried it out for themselves and test some of its training scenarios and check its adaptability function which allows to automatically personalize the training session to the performance of the user.

After the presentations, SPECS offered a tour around the laboratory where the visitors could attend several demos including the eXperience Induction Machine (XIM), and the humanoid robot iCub.

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