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Rehabilitation Scenarios


This scenario consists of a green landscape populated with a number of trees against the background of a mountain range. Integrated in the virtual world is a model of a human torso with arms positioned in such a way that the user has a  first-person view of the upper extremities.

Spheres move towards the user and these are to be intercepted through the movement of the virtual arms. The task difficulty is defined by different gaming parameters, i.e. the speed of the moving spheres, the interval between the appearance of consecutive spheres and the horizontal range of dispersion of the spheres in the field of view.

Left: Placing Game. Rehabilitation trainig task combining reaching and grasping exercises. Right: Diagnostic Scenario. Scenario measuring the user's functional motor abilities .

At the first level, the ‘Hitting Game’, the moving spheres have to be intercepted. In this level the patients are required to practice proximal range of movement exercises. At levels of higher complexity we have the ‘Grasping Game’ and the ‘Placing Game’, where spheres have to be intercepted, grasped and released in baskets of matching colors at different positions. These levels combine proximal and distal movements sequentially.

Additional scenarios are currently being developed, such as puzzle games, 'Tetris' and a driving simulator game.

 Left:  Reaching Game. Rehabilitation trainig task in which the user has to hit targets appearing in specific positions. Right: Simon Game. Rehabilitation task combining motor and memory tasks. The user has to memorize and repeat finger flexion movements associated to sounds and colors.

Left: Range of Motion Diagnostic Scenario. Virtual environment for measuring the patients abilities to imitate upper-limbs movements involving shoulder abduction/adduction and elbow flexion/extension. Right: Wire Game. Rehabilitation task for training arm motor movement and force. The user has to raise his/her arm and follow specific paths.

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